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  • Hiring

    Tech hiring is a problem that plagues any growing tech company. The entire process is broken; no amount of algorithms can optimize the process of matching passion and experience with the needs and goals of a company.

    We have tried many different method over the last 6 months. There are many tools out there which claim to ‘solve’ this. But the problem is far from being fixed. Linkedin helps source, but personally I haven’t found Linkedin useful for 2 reasons.

    1.) The best engineers out there don’t bother with networking/ having a linkedin profile 

    2.) Those tech engineers who are on linkedin are those you don’t wont to hire for a startup - there is no culture match.  

    What worked for us though was networking. Right from the start, we have been surrounded by talent; the other teams in our our batch at JFDI, the other portfolio companies at Jungle. The problem was that we were looking outwards instead of inwards. However this requires a lot of relationship building and so the saying - hiring is a an ongoing process. It never stops. We just realized this 6 months too late. 

    “Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” 
    ― Erica Jong

    You want the right people onboard. And more often than than not, they need to find you. Set up shop near the community and start cooking a good culture. Eventually they will find you. 

  • Marina Bay Sands Singapore. I still prefer a dual overhanging bridge end. 

  • "Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor." ~ Sholom Aleichem

  • Emails are noise

    Recently we had our press release and all our internal management processes fell apart. We took it with good spirit though. The biggest learning for me rather was that emails are an absolute distraction from productive work. 

    We were deluged with emails. It took us 3 days to reply to all the emails. But during that time we were not able to keep track of the company’s progress in other aspects. Customer inquiry became priority, but in a startup product is priority as well! 

    We immediately knew there was a process problem and decided to test the hypothesis that the email channel is not useful for internal management. Yes, working with engineers makes you thinking like engineer, even though you are not one! We decided to use Asana to this hypothesis. 

    Now, for those of you who have no clue what Asana is, it is a kick ass web/cloud based email-less team management tool that integrates task lists with twitter like following, facebook like commenting and a calendar. #buzzwordmarketing #elevatorpitch

    And it works magic! Everyday I wake up to a manageable email inbox, which has a sole purpose of external communication. Then I switch to asana and get a bird’s eye view of the progress of the various aspects of the company at a glimpse. Most importantly, the noise associate with email based task management is removed! Economic concept at play here! Specialization; use tools that are meant for its purpose! 

    This combination is just addictive and pure fun! I don’t dread time periods I have blocked off for such purposes anymore! Share with me your thoughts if you have had this problem and took a different approach! 

  • Look at the stars, look how they shine for you…